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List of games supporting surround-sound speaker setups

Heroic Explorer
Hi all

I hope DaftNDirect won't mind but I took his idea and made a thread dedicated to VR gamers who wish, or are forced to use surround-sound speakers.

Surround-sound setups require their games to have a fixed 'soundstage' for their sound to be accurately positioned for their speakers. Many VR games e.g. Vader Immortal have clearly been design with headphone only headsets, like the Quest, because it's the movement of your head that positions the sound which is ideal for headphones, instead of the soundstage being fixed which is required for speaker setups.

I have rated these games as "OK", "OK with Issues" and "Headphones Only".  I would be very grateful if anyone from the community wishes to add or update any game.

Abe VR
Assetto Corsa
Dirt Rally
Doctor Who
Elite Dangerous
Oculus Home
Robo Recall 
Superhot VR
Titans of Space
The Climb

[OK with Issues]
1943 Berlin Blitz: Sound made to seem like it's coming from the in-game headphones but engine noise seems to be positioned correctly.
Fallout4 VR: Voices predominantly in center speaker
Skyrim: Voices predominantly in center speaker

[Headphones Only]
Asgard's Wrath
Half Life: Alyx
Vader Immortal 1 and 2

Heroic Explorer
Added Half-Life: Alyx
Hopefully can remove later 😞