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Lone Echo and Echo Arena: Pricing and App Information

Expert Protege
Hi everyone,

We’ve put together the following rundown regarding pricing for Lone Echo and Echo Arena, and are excited to share this with you today. Below, you can find an overview of how each app is priced and what each game includes, as well as timed promotions such as the Lone Echo pre-order and the Echo Arena Intel sponsorship.

Lone Echo: $39.99 USD / Pre-Order Price: $34.99 USD
  • If you have an Oculus account, Lone Echo will be available for you to play once you add it to your Oculus library.
  • The option to pre-order Lone Echo for $34.99 USD will be available until Lone Echo launches.
  • In Lone Echo, you can access Echo Arena through the game’s main menu. Purchasing Lone Echo will always give you access to Echo Arena at no extra cost.

Echo Arena: $19.99 USD / First 3 Months: FREE
  • If you have an Oculus account, Echo Arena will be available for you to play once you add it to your Oculus library.
  • Thanks to a sponsorship by Intel, Echo Arena will be completely free for all Oculus account holders to permanently add to their Oculus library for the first 3 months after launch (so make sure to get it during this time)! After those 3 months are up, it will cost $19.99 to add to your Oculus library. If you’ve already added Echo Arena to your Oculus library, you will not need to purchase it; you already own it!
    -    The exact date that this ends will be shared closer to the end of the 3-month sponsorship period.
  • Echo Arena does not include access to Lone Echo; you will need to purchase Lone Echo separately.

If you have any questions about what’s been posted above, please reply and let us know! 🙂

First my admission: Since I am limited in space and I KNOW that I would smash my monitor and several cats the second I start playing, I have never even checked out Echo Arena, despite everyone saying it's the best game ever 🙂
Secondly, it's again incredible that a title which is so popular and liked by many is EFFING FREE.....means it's ANOTHER top notch title that people get just like that without having to pay a penny...this is awesome! If you have a's like a never-ending Christmas or something... 🙂

I haven't tried it yet, but from what I've seen both Lone Echo and Echo Arena look to be awesome. I love the 3-month-free deal from the intel partnership too. Looks like a nice way to thank early adopters.

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Outstanding! :smiley:

Was interested in Lone Echo since announcement. Then i heard the buzz around Echo Arena at E3 and I thought it was the mandatory multiplayer crap publishers always make devs put in single player games. Tried the beta out of curiosity and i was SO wrong. Arena is one of the most fun games i've played ever, not just fun "for VR". It has tons of potential and i hope it gets big, like Rocket League. Gonna be hard since not many of us own a Rift but it has a better chance that every other multiplayer-only game i've tried. You need to give it a try this weekend and PLEASE download it and play it when it releases. I'll be getting Lone Echo as well of course. 😄

Hello, I see the presentation page of the game LONE ECHO That the game will make 37.83 MB.
I think there's a mistake, is not it?

Another question.

Will the game be in English or will it be multi-language?
I am French and most games that I do not understand.
Add at least the subtitles. Thank you.


petokaske said:

Hello, I see the presentation page of the game LONE ECHO That the game will make 37.83 MB.
I think there's a mistake, is not it?

I don't know anything, but it might be the initial app that is just able to pull the actual game while showing some nice graphics. That way they can push content from their own CDN instead having to go through Oculus, which would give them more control and faster updates, because they don't have to rely on some guy at Oculus pushing a button in the middle of the night or so. Just guessing, though.

Ok. I see on the oculus home it takes 2.04 GB of free space so I do not understand what the 37 MB is. I thought it was a writing mistake.

Ah, now I looked at it in the store. 2.04 GB on disk while installed (extracting) and 37.83MB when its fully installed. That doesn't seem right. Also 2.04 GB seems pretty small. Echo Arena is 1.9 GB in size on disk and there is not much content in there, just one map, the lobby and the tutorials.

Honored Guest
This size thing really worries me too, if the single player game is any sort of decent length the size should be over 10GB like ROBO RECALL etc. I guess the refund this always an option if it's less than 2 hrs long ....