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Make Money Through VR Game Simulating The Showbiz Industry And A Proper TV Channel




Hi, I'm Kevin Keew, I'm 11 and I love Oculus Quest 2, especially Beat Saber. I'm just a boy but my dad's here watching.
My post is a bit long, but please read and comment.
This is a project that I developed as a new game concept for Oculus Quest 2. I think it would be revolutionary, and I would like to know if it is interesting or not.
I expect you to criticise and open up about the good features of my project, but please also let me know the negatives. It's all about business, and I'd like to hear very honest opinions, especially the negative ones, which will help avoid failures.
It's easy to explain if I tell you a few things about me:
I'm a singer, gamer, and business creator. I'm learning about how to develop virtual businesses while working, based on the struggles of my own career.
If you prefer, please check this article about me at Medium Authority Magazine.
This project is called SuperPop.TV which is basically an entire Broadcasting and TV company created totally inside the Metaverse through Oculus Quest 2.
In real life, our company is International Business Ltd. It's based in the UK.
It all runs on the Meta Horizon Workrooms platform, which is just awesome, I love it.
As the biggest problem for artists is to be featured on TV, this metaverse's TV channel features dancers, singers, influencers, gamers, musicians, music videos, and interviews with the best gamers.

Playing SuperPop.TV is like playing Beat Saber, but it has one important distinction: It's socio-constructive, a business game based on inclusivity and social responsibility.
It builds on its own, and the main purpose is to simulate the Showbiz Industry in the Metaverse. It lets users be dancers, promoters, creators and producers, bringing their own avatars to life. SuperPop.TV is a completely virtual TV channel open for everyone.
SuperPop.TV mainly appeals to two types of players: those who love to dance to the best songs and get points (like Beat Saber), and independent artists, who can showcase their songs.
The game allows artists to be their own producers, create their own avatar within the platform, upload their own songs, invite users to dance, and most important, build an organic audience inside the Metaverse with virtual reality performances.
Being a singer, I think it's fantastic for the music business, as it'll give artists the chance to be on SuperPop.TV, take part in talent shows and get discovered by new audiences, who'll dance to the songs to make the artist's avatar preforming on stage.
For dancers, it's even better because the game is based on tokenisation. Every dance generates tokens, and it can be exchanged for cash on a monthly basis.
Users of all types have the chance to make money every month too, as they can earn diversified cash prizes.
SuperPop.TV lets users fighting over the most danced songs by the most popular artists, and the battle winners are sorted by their real-life cities.
The best cities win the war of talent, and finally they're on the map (ranking), and this brings real music concerts to the winners cities, where cash prizes are given out to the best independent musicians and dancers too.
The game SuperPop.TV also works as an independent music chart, and it can help artists who have never had any investment break through, promoting social justice and equality.

Now, tell us your honest thoughts, particularly on the negative aspects, and we will use these to reformulate the project, which we will soon present to investors with whom we are already in contact.
Thank you very much for your attention and we wish all the best for all of you. God bless you and Oculus Quest 2.
Kevin Keew & Dad.


Hi Kevin, a bold and imaginative venture. I'm old, 57 here an independent artist and producer. Producer meaning I have the pro audio equipment, software and experience to get a halfway decent mix, not a pro. There is a lot of money, work and time that goes into getting a good recording mix and master that doesn't sound like mud the more instruments and frequencies involved, the more complex. I'm dubious about the likelihood of being able to get quality music and musicians. There are ways that some artists stream live with programs like Ableton live but most I've seen are unplugged simple arrangements. 


 Another thing to consider is copyright law, which I believe is as strict in your country as it is here. You would have to be ever vigilant in monitoring artists who violate any copyright infringement. I only have a few covers on the internet which I had to get licensing for through BMI.  If you are planning on making any money in this venture, I would recommend consulting an attorney versed in copyright law in your area. 


 I only have one original up. My first that I started when I was about your age. Old and smelly like me but you are free to use it if you like.  Rocker  Good luck, keep me updated here  

Gigabyte  AB350 Ryzen 2700x, 32gb ddr 4 3200, 2080ti. HP Reverb G2, Index controllers, Quest 1 and 2x Quest 2. 65" 3DTV HD3D DLP projector.

Hi OhGrant, 
Thank you very much for your participation. It's Kevin Keew and dad here.
This is a great point of view for optimisation, thank you very much for mentioning the details. The more brains think about possible problems, the greater the level of optimization.
I'd like to suggest some solutions in the same order as you mentioned the problems. It's a long post, but it's worth reading.
Totally agree that this project requires a lot of professional work and a considerable amount of investment, but it is aimed at inclusivity and social responsibility. That's why we have our pitch deck prepared and we'll present it to angel investors.

Let's talk about business: I firmly believe that everyone deserves the chance to run their own business. This is why I opened this business school for young people inside the metaverse. The school's name is Casting Network.
Producers and other artists are invited to participate in live events for educational purposes, which include sharing tips, e-learning material, Drops from producers and also monthly cash prizes. It's a socio-constructive business model that grows on its own, where we revert $3 of a monthly membership to members in the form of Grants and monthly Cash Prizes.

Mathematically, means: At full capacity, a million members equals 3 million USD per month to invest in the most talented artists, those that our curators see as more self-developed. Additionally, it's a talent contest and a professional community. Everyone works, and everyone wins. We then pick the best for larger productions, which is an essential part of the process of self-optimisation.

The most important thing is that members can network and grow together without discrimination. As a result, quality is elevated as they support each other within their own professional network, while the social side focuses on unemployed young, vulnerable, and disabled people with a particular focus on people of color and LGBTQI+ communities.

- This is an article referencing about what is the Casting Network:

It is an open platform for training independent artists, musicians, influencers, bloggers, dancers, and gamers on business techniques that welcomes micro-influencers with talents as an army.
Basically, we mentor young artists and disabled people on how to work and build their professional careers on their own.

Does that mean they lack quality? Not at all.
Is that a sign that they have money to invest? Certainly not.

Making business with social responsibility means teaching them how to work with excellence and giving them the new tools they would not be able to access, if not for programs like this. These programs really work!
It is our firm belief that talent and optimization capability go hand in hand. It is possible for everyone to improve and optimise themselves, but some lack the tools. Through Metaverse and Oculus Quest 2, we give them the tools they need to achieve the next level as artists, growing independently.

Visit the following links to learn more about the types of projects we build:
- HEXAGONAL ALBUM: For Young Independent Artists
Building an artistic career as a business

- YOUNG PRO EXPERIENCE: For the First Professional Experience of Young People
Digital Marketing Through Ad Platforms
Production and Music Promotion


Each project is developed by our constructive startup, creator of the Hexagonal.Pro charitable organisation and professionalisation program for young people.

With no investment, I started my career as an independent singer on Instagram. I was 11 years old and believed in only a dream, mentally visualizing it and manifesting it step by step. This allowed me to overcome the following obstacles:

1) Become a model for international clothing brands, such as John Lews in the UK and HZ Fashion in Brazil

2) Performing in Brazil and filming a music video
3) Production of my own music and video production in London
4) Collaborating with American clothing brands such as Big Baller Brand
5) Building my career as a business
6) Be interviewed by a Spanish radio

7) Promote me on the iconic Nasdaq billboard in Times Square
😎 Featured on Medium Authority Magazine for my campaign against child sexual slavery

If I could accomplish it, just as an experiment, I can teach others and guide them along the same path, helping them to learn and grow by themselves, all done via remote teamwork.
Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.” 
― James R. Cook
To ensure quality, our professional community is open not only to independent artists but also to independent producers.
As they show their work, we connect them with the independent artists who received grants or prizes, and we mentor them to make business with the members, so both sides support the other, and the independent music business grows from there.
In our opinion, the best live streaming tool is one that offers high-quality audio without interruptions. The StreamYard solution is an excellent example.
We would need to integrate this technology with Epic Games' Unreal Engine, and then we have a proper solution for singers to perform on the stage, within the metaverse, through their own avatar.
Since the avatar is equipped with voice sensors, it works to play our game SuperPop.TV.
As for the dancers, it should be similar to Beat Saber, with obstacles based on the music audio graphic, but automatically through artificial intelligence and machine learning.
To avoid problems with music copyright, we provide our members with worldwide free music distribution through our platform
Although they will perform their own music, if they upload a cover to music streaming services through our platform, it is licensed.
Members keep 100% of their rights, and we earn only commission from plays for maintaining the service. provides low-cost music distribution for independent artists, sending their music to over 150 music stores worldwide, and connecting their music to online social networks such as TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, so users can use music on their stories, reels, shorts, etc, helping to build an organic audience.

I just listened to your song, and I loved the rock style, congrats. I think you should send it to the streaming services through our platform, free of charge. Use the coupon code POPHITSGUEST.
As I mentioned, I really think that everyone must have the opportunity to make business, so we are providing opportunities to independent musicians through our company on the metaverse. Offering exactly what they need to elevate themselves to the next level.

Kevin Keew & Dad International Business Ltd
United Kingdom

Honored Guest

I came across your project, SuperPop.TV, and I must say it's an impressive concept, especially for someone as young as you were when you shared it a year ago! Your passion for gaming and your vision for a virtual TV channel within the Metaverse are truly remarkable.
The idea of a socio-constructive game simulating the Showbiz Industry is intriguing. Allowing users to be dancers, creators, and producers while building their avatars is a fantastic concept.
Additionally, if you were looking to explore ways to monetize the project further and potentially make $10,000 a month or more, you could consider additional revenue streams and advertising opportunities. This guide on Ways to Make 10k a Month might have offered some insights. I hope that SuperPop.TV has made significant progress over the past year and is on its way to becoming a tremendous success.