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Owl3D - Create 3D photo and video with 1 click on Oculus Quest

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Hello community!


This is Jett from the Owl3D team. We are building a VR UGC content platform to host 3D photos, 3D videos, and more! Imagine that you can turn any favorite images or videos into 3D with one click and enjoy them immersively. We're also working to support native 3D content uploads such as models, SBS images/videos, and 180 images/videos!



immersive modeimmersive mode

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Our Owl3D app is now available on App Lab and Sidequest, come explore creativity and originality in the 3D world and have fun: Join our Discord where we announce updates and connect with our users!



 Very impressed with what I'm seeing so far on your app. If I'm understanding correctly so far the material is all 2D converted to 3D? Being a 3D enthusiast, I'm very impressed with whatever method you are using to convert the movies. I've used fake 3D game wrappers in the past, SuperDepth, Tridef power 3D and NVidia 3D vision compatibility mode are fake 3D options when geometric 3D is not possible and all exhibit a few artifacts like a smear outline around object. I'm not seeing that in your movie clips. I may have thought they were shot in stereo if I hadn't known. 


 The art pictures look like they were crafted in stereo. I look forward to future development. Discord joined. Viva 3D

Gigabyte  AB350 Ryzen 2700x, 32gb ddr 4 3200, 2080ti. HP Reverb G2, Index controllers, Quest 1 and 2x Quest 2. 65" 3DTV HD3D DLP projector.