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Participate in a Virtual Fab Lab user study

Honored Guest

Hi all!


I am a CSE student at the University of Oulu looking for interested people to try out my virtual reality (VR) application and answer a survey as part of my master’s thesis. If you do not own a VR headset, you can also watch a tutorial video since participants are needed for both options.


After participating you can take part in a raffle to win a 30 € gift card to the Amazon online store.


You can participate fully independently at your own time by following instructions on the website linked below. For testing the VR app, you must have your own Oculus Quest 2 or Oculus Rift S headset. In the study, you will experience a virtual Fab Lab and learn about laser cutting.


Link to the study:

I’m happy to answer any question via email:


Thank you in advance!

Patrik Pyykkönen