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Question on Family Sharing Update, regarding two family owned headsets, how do you set them up?

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Question on Family Sharing, I'm a father who purchased two Oculus 2 headsets to play with my kids, and I'm confused by how to set up family sharing on the two headsets so I don't have to buy the same games twice and we can play some of these games together (when they're capable of multiplayer, which was the goal of buying two headsets)?

I already purchased a number of games on only one account, on this account I've turned family sharing on (it was available in experimental features) and added a secondary account via Facebook login. I understand all of this is new, but I'm confused watching Youtube videos on this update still in understanding how you get the games to install on a second headset.

Am I correct in assuming I need to reset the second headset and now login with this master (first facebook) account? I didn't think Oculus supported adding two devices (these two Quest 2s) on the same account as I feel like I tried before? It seems like this would be required to log in on this master (first) headset with the secondary accounts and then a second headset without sharing but the games?

Before I reset the second headset for possibly no reason, has anyone tested this, or can they explain how it works better. While having multiple accounts on the same headset might be good, this update doesn't seem to offer what was promised last month, playing together as a family (go places during the pandemic) and not having to buy the same games over and over.

Any insights or workarounds would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Here is a suggested solution, but one which is impossible to test until I have family sharing available in experimental features on both accounts, "My understanding is, app sharing can only be enabled on one device, so you’ll only be able to share all those games you have on the single headset. If you want to try play a game multiplayer without resetting your second headset, first get someone to log into their secondary account on the headset you have app sharing enabled. Then, on the other headset, log into your account which has all the games. No need to make this one the master account, just log into this one as a secondary user. Now you won’t be able to share games on this second headset but you should still have access to all your games in this master account as a secondary user. Are you able to play multiplayer across multiple devices this way?"

I understand what you're suggesting, but I only have family sharing available on one headset/account right now, the one with all the games, earlier account/headset. To do this, test it, I would have to have family sharing available on the other account, newer account/headset. Basically, you suggest the parent's headset become the child's headset, and they play as a secondary account primarily and the master is the parent to get access to parents' games. And the parent must use the child's headset as a secondary user, have access to their original games which aren't shared on the second headset. Has anyone tried this? I can't even test it until the child's account has family sharing available to turn on.

(This also seems fairly convoluted for a family sharing 'plan' if it even works. I don't see how Oculus can claim this allows people to play together easier now.)

Currently this is correct and the only way to do this.


I have a Quest and a Quest 2. I have the multiuser and app sharing on my Quest 2. I have my main account, lets call it account A as the main account on both headsets.


On my Quest 2, I have a secondary account (account B) signed on as well. To play with my son, I have to sign into the secondary account on my Quest 2 and I have to play on my Quest. 


It is a strange setup and I'm sure it will change, but as far as I know, this is the only way to play multiplayer if you own 2 headsets and only want to purchase the game once.

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We bought a second headset and I thought I had to login in with my facebook where the other one is under my husband's.  We've both added each other as 2nd accounts and enabled the app sharing.  We haven't tried playing against each other in any games other than Dead and Buried II and I could only play it on my headset while signed-in under his name.  And then there were 2 of us in the game...confused alot of people in there.  Only one of us could chat though.  I hope the next rollout allows for app sharing across family accounts.  

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Has this changed yet? I bought a second headset so my wife and I could play games against each other but I cannot figure out how to share games across two Facebook accounts. Was it a mistake to buy a second headset? I thought it would be easy to share apps and play each other.

I was confused with the exact same thing. Finally found out that you can have one primary account on two Oculus 2 devices. To do that I had to do a factory reset on one. I reset the one that didn't have any game purchases. Now after starting over on that device, I have my primary account on two devices. Then on one of the devices you can setup App Sharing. On this one I shared the apps with my wife. Now she uses her shared account on that device. And I use the other device. Most, but not all apps can be shared this way between two people without needing to purchase the app twice.