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Spider-Man: Homecoming game and Far From Home keeps crashing - likely some software stuff?

Level 2

Before finishing the Boneworks story, I got kind of recommended/suggested another Spider-Man: Virtual Reality game, but it turns out it doesn't like to be played.

In Far From Home, the game won't even start, and in Homecoming, it crashes either when the chest thing in the beginning (when you start the game) opens, or a second after it's opened.

I know my hardware isn't the problem because it runs Boneworks on high settings, and even my previous pc could run the Spider-Man games fine enough. It's also not the cable's fault because again it runs Boneworks perfectly fine.

I asked google and it suggested things like reinstalling and updating drivers, but neither reinstalling nor updating drivers does anything (except Homecoming crashed after chest opened rather than while it opened).

I used my Quest 2 plugged into the pc with a link cable, to use it as a Rift. PC operating system is Windows 10.

Both pc and vr headset was restarted (turned off) between each attempt at playing the games.


Any idea what else could be the problem? I think it's either the Oculus app or the games that cause it - most likely the games.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Mutraxation! That does seem like a game issue rather than the headset! This should not be the case, and we see why you're concerned. We recommend you reach out to the developer forum. You are likely to get a better solution. You can use this link