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Star Wars: Battle of Endor [Updated for DK2 and CV1]


by popular demand (and because it was quick and easy for a change) I built a version for CV1. No other fixes or changes at the moment.


Win64 version compatible with Oculus runtime
Note that lighting has regressed in this version as I'm unable to bake lighting since Unity switched from Beast to Enlighten, so I'm afraid the lighting is pretty stark, and it might not run well on all systems. But I've had so many earnest requests that I feel obligated to release it as is. Sorry I can't do better, but I keep installing Unity's updates and trying again in the hopes that one day I can get the lighting to work again.


Windows 32/64, Mac and Linux versions

Latest version uploaded! (mostly graphical fixes and performance optimisations)

  • layered cameras to fix flickering cockpit shadows, flickering textures, and Z-fighting at long distances.
  • improved shadow resolution
  • baked shadows
  • added objective for SSD (just destroy shields for now)
  • fixed v-sync issues on certain quality settings that caused judder
  • reduced steering limitation at high speed
  • fixed some LOD issues on certain models


    * Added detail and textures to the cockpit dashboard
    * New radar system. Radar is now forward-facing style. Shows which direction to fly relative to your position and orientation. Enemies that are behind you will clamp to the edge of the radar. Blips get smaller with distance. Still some work to do but much better than the old one.
    * speed now affects maneuverability slightly. Faster speed = slower turns, slower speed = faster turns (top speed with s-foils open remains the same as before, but for those complaining of not turning fast enough, slow down a bit). Watch out when closing your s-foils and flooring it though!
    * fixed broken objectives
    * fixed opening text crawl and transition
    * fixed the default quality settings
    * edited out the slower bits of the soundtrack which didn't fit with the space battle
    * optimized some stuff


    new version with better keyboard controls... ... ...

    New keyboard controls...

    W = Throttle Up and Menu Scroll Up
    S = Throttle Down and Menu Scroll Down
    A = Roll Left
    D = Roll Right
    F= S-Foils
    Left Shift or Left Mouse Button = Fire Lasers
    Tab = Menu (W and S to scroll up/down, Enter to select, B to page back)
    R = Reset Oculus View
    O = Toggle Oculus Mode
    B = Skip Intro and Menu Page Back
    Esc = Quit

    Yaw/Pitch controlled by mouse or arrow keys


    New DK2 versions, in 32 and 64-bit flavours, but I warn you, they are pretty buggy at the moment.

    I'm very interested to hear how it performs on your systems, so please let me know.

    Known bugs:
    * Later checkpoints not saving
    * Fade-in/out on death not working
    * invisible collisions near Death Star docking bays
    * occasionally TIEs will disappear in front of you
    * and on my system I have pretty bad judder (not framerate-related) when looking around. I also find that the position tracking hiccups quite a bit

    ***END UPDATE***

    Well, despite the extra week of vacation, the clock finally ran out. I would have preferred to polish it a LOT more before shipping it, but I won't have as much time to dedicate to it from here on in. Its going through the approval process on the Oculus Share site, but in the meantime you can access it here...

    Oculus Share page:
    Star Wars: Battle of Endor

    Star Wars: Battle Of Endor

    Hope you like it!


    How to play:
    Basically, fight off TIE fighters, destroy turrets and shield generators on Star Destroyers, and wait for objectives from Lando. The radar screen is admittedly very rudimentary and not very clear, but you should see yellow dots representing objective locations. When Lando says to engage the Star Destroyers, you need to blow up the 2 shield generators on the Star Destroyer (the one flanked by two rebel ships), after which Admiral Ackbar will tell you the shield is down. Follow the yellow objective point past the Super Star Destroyer (you can take out it's shields and turrets too) to the entrance to the shaft leading to the reactor. Avoid the obstacles, get to the reactor, and blow up the regulator on the right-hand side of the core.

    Then haul ass!

    Other notes:
    * Your guns will lead and auto-target any TIE fighter inside the green reticle, so just get him in there and hold the trigger.
    * The two strings of green lights below the HUD represent hull damage; all red... you're dead.
    * The radar screen will flash red and Artoo will trill a proximity warning when you are getting too close to an obstacle.

    Left thumbstick
    ------left/right = Yaw
    ------up/down = Pitch
    Right thumbstick
    ------left/right = Roll
    ------up/down = Pitch (both thumbsticks will double the pitch speed)
    Left trigger = Increase throttle
    Left shoulder = Decrease throttle
    Right trigger = Fire quad cannon
    Right shoulder = nothing (eventually proton torpedoes)
    Start = Pause menu
    Back = Recenter Oculus view
    D-Pad = Menu navigation
    Y button = Toggle S-foils (close them for more speed, but you can't shoot)
    A button = Menu item selection
    B button = Skip text crawl intro/ back out of submenu
    Letter O on the keyboard will toggle Oculus mode.

    Known issues:
    Jittery image the further you travel from the origin
    Last spawnpoint might spawn you inside the Death Star
    Occasional sound glitches
    The objectives/checkpoint system was very last-minute and is rudimentary. Expect bugs.
    No music after reloading checkpoint

    Future updates:
    Death Star turrets
    TIE interceptors
    R2D2 repairing the ship
    Improved radar
    Millennium Falcon doing the tunnel run with you
    Operational Death Star gun
    AI X-wings, A-wings, B-wings, and Y-wings
    Shields on Star Destroyers (take them out before you can damage the turrets or destroy the ship)
    Proton torpedoes
    Graphical improvements
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    same same

    This looks awesome! Really hope we can try this on CV1  😄

    Honored Guest

    Someone needs to hire Darth already and get him started on a real X-Wing vs Tie Fighter VR experience.  The Battle for Endor has to be one of the best all-time demos for the DK2.
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    Seems I can't update the initial post anymore, because it requires a category now, but the category drop-down list is empty. 😕

    Anyway, by popular demand (and because it was quick and easy for a change) I built a version for CV1. No other fixes or changes at the moment.


    Honored Guest
    OMG tis is my favourite Oculus experience of all times. THANKS MAN and dont stop workinf in VR is you thing!

    Honored Guest
    Thanks man, you are a champ!

    Thanks DarthD! You rock!
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    Still the same bugs though: I can't disable the Execuror (shots go right through the shield generators), and there is an invisible wall a few hundred meters inside the Death Star tunnel.
    DK1 - previously owned DK2 - 2014-08-26 RECEIVED (ordered 2014-04-24) CV1 - 2016-05-25 RECEIVED (ordered on release day) Touch - 2016-12-07 RECEIVED (pre-order with CV1)