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Theme Park Dark Ride Similar to SpaceShip Earth and Horizons at Disney World's EPCOT

Expert Protege

If you are a fan of Theme Park Dark Rides, then you will want to check out "Into the Metaverse", a 10 minute, very immersive ride demo about humanity's quest for every deeper immersion. It truly feels like you are on a dark ride at a theme park with many animated characters, scenes, music, effects and narration. As you will see in the lobby area, I have many other rides planned, with The Haunted Castle next by popular demand. Let me know what you think after you ride it.


Oculus App Lab Install
SideQuest Install


The ride is currently 1/3 complete and if you would like to help and even get involved in bringing this attraction to completion, check out my Patreon.

The future of Virtual Theme Parks is bright.



Immersive Matthew