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Q3 Guardian Showing in Recordings

I recently bought the Quest 3 for recording videos, however when I record, my guardian is shown in the recordings, this was not happening in the previous Quest 2 I was using and is an important issue, as the only thing anyone can see in recordings is...

MeTa-skin by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Some Quest 3 standalone games are lagging / stuttering

I own a Quest 2 and a Quest 3. When playing, for example Beat Saber or Walkabout Minigolf, on my Quest 3, there are moments when there´s stuttering (the ball is stuttering like its reprojection, even though the movement of the hands is fine - in Beat...

GlooP by Explorer
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Factory reset

Hi,I have problems with my oculus 2. Picture is breaking during game. Also plaing with WD Retribution and one flare stuck in the middle of the bus in waist height. I can not pick it up and do anything with it. it is not a big deal but very annoying. ...

Horrible downloading speeds - quest 3

How are you coping with it taking FOREVER to download something. And why cant I put the game on my computer.I have ATT fiber and Routethis stays im gettin g832.1 mbps for download and 890.2 mbps upload... so i know its not my system.

Quest 3 charging while in use limits productivity

So I have had a quest 2, Quest pro, and now have a Quest 3. We all watch the commercials and see how wonderful it is for productivity. (Work). My experience is that due to charging limitations while in use this is just not the case. I did not expect ...

N3rdFoo by Explorer
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Quest pro v59 pcvr unplayable

I did the mistake to turn on the WiFi on the headset and get updated to v59 and become useless again.Meta please fix the issue.Can't believe I have useless £1000 brick.


So I got on NFL pro era 1 and every time I play it restarts as if I have never played. I Have to restart the tutorial and when I finish it only lets you play against the team you chose for example I was trying to play I chose the colts but I can only...

E12Kenna by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Quest 3 YouTube playback

I just got the Quest 3 yesterday and I am really disappointed. I like to watch 360 videos from YouTube and I do 360 videos as well. YouTube videos are so blurry and the Quest won't change the resolution above 1080 pI have the Quest Pro and everything...

Resolved! Rift user Quest 3 referral question

If you have only had a Rift S headset on your Meta account and never a Quest headset, can you get the Quest referral when activating a Quest 3?The referral program link says that you must be a new Meta Quest user and activate a new Meta Quest device....

JeepJoe by Honored Guest
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Is the Quality of Oculus 3 like the Oculus 2?

I have had the Oculus 2 for 14 months and have had to replace it 6 times due to malfunction either in the headset or the controllers. I decided to upgrade to the Oculus 3, thinking it may be a better quality based on learning from customers' experien...

Resolved! What happened to "Laying Down Mode"?

I seen in a YouTube video that Laying Down Mode was coming to the quest in v53, but this feature did not appear.What happened to this highly anticipated feature? Is it still coming in a future release? According to the YouTube comments I am not alone...

Half-Life Alyx buggy hand motion and suttering

I bought a Rift S to play HL Alyx and have been having tons of issues. I'm using FPS VR on Steam to track my performance statistics and for the most part it looks good, GPU and CPU frame times are low and performance is a solid 80 frames but my hands...

Rift touch controllers

So I started trying to get my rift touch controllers connect but everytime I connect them they dont stay cinnected and show it has battery % but then it turns off and switched to other controller, and it doesnt work in game at all. How do I fix this ...

Cloud storage

I'm having issues with my cloud game 'saves' going from the quest 2 to the quest 3 (it is only a portion of my achievements crossing over to the new platform). I've tried the https://secure.oculus.com/my/cloud-backup/ but that states that i need vers...

Games like XCOM for VR?

Is there a game like XCOM (Enemy Unknown) for VR? I know of Brass Tactics but I'm looking for a turn based game more like XCOM, not an RTS. I was playing XCOM 2 in stereoscopic 3D which looks incredible, but it made me wonder how it'd look in VR. It'...

Vic_ by Protege
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Meta quest support issues

Anyone having issues with meta support? My vr headset came defective and I couldn’t return it to where I bought it because the box was open and ripped a little they said. Meta said I can replace it through them and they sent me a broken link they hav...

screen black on cooking simulator

please someone help , I bought this game called cooking simulator on steam VR and every time I try to play , screen Is pitch black and doesn't launch , I've tried to research but nothing helps , anyone know how to fix this ?

Original VR Entertainment from the Oculus Store

When I first got into VR and purchased my first Oculus CV1 headset (I now own the Quest 3) a number of years ago now, I was absolutely blown away and hooked by some of my ultimate experiences like Google Earth VR, Disney Movies VR and Dreamdeck to na...

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