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25% Off FNAF Help Wanted!

Looking for a 25% off deal? Save $7.50 on FNAF by using my code! Hope this helps! https://www.oculus.com/appreferrals/nbh420/3162101440489458/?utm_source=oculus&utm_location=2&utm_parent=frl&utm_medium=app_referral

nbh420 by Explorer
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Change Gender

Why can't we change our gender? I know we can change what our avatar looks like but I am a boy in every forum or new download even though my Oculus avatar looks like a women. My husband started this account but I now own it and would like to be able ...

pinnb by Honored Guest
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Lumen & Nanite in VR Game The Riese Project

"This is the future of VR. This is a must-play for any PCVR enthusiast. So what exactly is new about this game? Well, as the store page says, it's not only running on Unreal Engine 5 but also utilizes Lumen and Nanite technologies. The locations are ...

Sorry we couldn't install lone echo - Need help

Just purchased Lone Echo. It begins downloading and fails at 2Gb every time. Steps i've taken:-Restarted Oculus/computer-Windows defender is disabled-Oculus is run as Administrator-Oculus directory is in D:\- Over 500Gb free space (space isnt an issu...

AdHoxx by Honored Guest
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Since Update 51, can't watch VR movies

Since I updated my Quest 2 to version 51 today, I can no longer watch VR movies that I downloaded with Firefox Reality.It says I have no access to the download folder.Is there any solution?, I can't be the only one experiencing this!

neocalg by Honored Guest
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Amazing Equipment

I'm old school, so I'm really used to like Atari. My favorite game was Miss Pac-Man. I could never get into PlayStation or an Xbox. When I tell you this is the best video game system I've ever encountered in my life. At age 48 years old, I would neve...

Carnival Adventure VR

Take a look at this new fun game.Do you like it?If you have some feedbacks, please tell me.https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/5722284594538668/


Horror Experience

Is there a horror game/experience that allows you to walk around and explore haunted/abandoned building without having to deal with monsters?

Terrible product

After spending some time with support I can honestly say this is a joke. I have yet since purchase to find one working product in the occulus store. The only things the agents know how to do is tell you to restart, reinstall over and over. To be hone...

Graevon by Explorer
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Offroad Now in Meta Quest

The game we worked hard for physics , visual and map design is online .https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/9919196391453638/?utm_source=MetaForum

Lost progress in MoH: above and beyond

A couple of days ago I was playing MoH on low battery, and my headset shut off, the next day I hopped on to the game and I was back in Tunisia. I was wondering if there’s any way of getting my progress back and I would like to know how. Some extra in...

Zirqop by Honored Guest
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Rift S

They really need to fix the software for the Rift S, constantly getting the "No DisplayPort connection" I've tried everything I think to try solve the issue, to no avail, feel robbed of money as I can no longer use my Rift S anymore, anyone who has a...

Issue with Pistol-Whip game not starting

Hi all. I've recently got my Oculus Rift-S out the cupboard and been looking forward to playing Pistol-Whip; one of my favourite games.I fired up the Oculus, completed all system and game updates and everything works good except Pistol-Whip. When I t...

MrSixty7 by Honored Guest
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