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Thief Simulator VR (DevLog) - Theft in virtual reality

Hey guys!I'm from GameBoom VR team, developers of Thief Simulator VR.Some time ago we published the first video in which we showed how to steal the microwave. You can see the trailer below.https://youtu.be/hZOG006CaVAToday we are back with a new reco...


Bonjour, je viens d'acheter Moss mais il est en anglais. Dans la fiche technique, ils parlent de français. Une idée?

Trojan in Oculus App download

My friend and I are trying to download arizona sunshine that we played before. When trying to download the game the oculus software first optimizes the download. After this it starts the download and then an error occurs. Sometimes it happens after d...

Error in downloading

Ive been trying to download the oculus app for Pc for 3 day's, But every time it's near competition, it stops and say's "Sorry, We encountered an error during installation. Please restart your computer and try running oculus setup again." I have seen...

Morssore by Explorer
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App suggestions for kids

I'm totally new to this OCULUS and still trying to figure it out. Any suggestions on Apps for young children? The kids want something that involves dancing.

Virtual Desktop Issues on CV1

Hi, looking for some assistance. Not used Virtual desktop in a long time and went to use it this evening to find that when I try to watch Amazon prime video, it says playing but only has a black screen with the pause button and forward/reverse on scr...

Solsland by Adventurer
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Can I play Oculus Quest 2 games when PC Link is enabled?

Hi I purchased an Oculus Quest 2 and after some setup, I am up and running but very confused. I am using the official Oculus USB-C cable and have PC Link enabled. When in this mode I don't see apps I purchased on my phone. For example, I purchased Sa...

afish3 by Honored Guest
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Jigsaw 360 - family friendly puzzles for any age

My game, Jigsaw 360 has gone live on the store today for the Oculus Rift. Relax while completing beautifully detailed spherical jigsaws. The new way to experience a traditional puzzle. Suitable for all ages with between 8 and 128 pieces. Add custom s...

jumbli by Heroic Explorer
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Gun Club VR - Can we haz a LEFT Handed orientation?

Even though lefites are only about 10-12% of the population, we are out here. FPS games have neglected us over the decades save for a few exceptions. I just bought Gun Club VR and really, REALLY like it! However, the player orientation in VR is right...


Been playing for a few days and had 45k and quite a few trinkets bought. Then logged on and all I had was 183 dollars, and all my store items were gone. Anyone else have this happen? All my stats are still there.

Disable subtitle ?

Is ther a way to disable Subtitles ?I don't find the way to change the language in the gamesIt seems to stick to the location, but if you are japanes living in France how to get japanese ?

Fleodix by Honored Guest
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Pokerstars VR crashes and issues

Hi all, I have a Quest 2 and just downloaded POKERSTARS VR yesterday. I have two issues and want to know if anyone else has these issues?1) When going to a "quick" game, game gets hung up at the black screen. This happened a few times.2) When sitting...

Star Wars Squadrons - Where to purchase?

Buying for PC. I have an Rift S but buying through the Oculus store is not an option. So that leaves Steam, Epic Game Store and Origin as far as I can tell.I have plenty of Steam games, but I absolutely hate steam VR.If I pre-order through Steam does...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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2 payment methods

I have 2 payment methods on my account one for 15 dollars and the other 5 dollars and I cant buy a 20 dollar game and idk why

clumzy by Honored Guest
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Official Portal 2 VR Support Coming Soon

http://youtu.be/C8z-On6FBTM?t=6m40sIn this interview (minute 6:40) the guys at Sixense have announced that Valve soon is going to add VR support to Portal 2. The support will arrive as an update to the Portal 2 Sixense DLC, which you can get for free...

Marulu by Adventurer
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Bought a game once on the oculus site and charged twice

I bought Beat Saber the game on the oculus app on my Computer and it said i couldnt play it on the vr headset wireless so I had to buy it again on the actual VR headset. I was just wondering if you could refund the purchase that was made on my comput...

Mcvey35 by Honored Guest
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Asgard's Wrath issue

So I have a fairly beefy system and loving asgard's wrath and really getting in to it, occasionally i have to press and hold the left menu button bringing up the in-game menu to pause so I can tend to real life. No big deal right? well after about th...

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