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why is there no netflix vr for the rift

Level 2

seriously netflix app for the gear and the quest but not on the rift nor rift s just why

bigscreen and desktop mode dont work it just leaves black screen in place of netflix


You should probably ask netflix. Oculus don't write all the apps.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Connor! We can understand that this isn't an ideal situation for you, and we'd like to get this resolved for you asap. Let's work on this together! 


Although you have tried using Bigscreen and Desktop mode, have you tried utilizing Oculus Dash? Instructions for using Dash can be found here. We also invite you to voice your opinion about the lack of a Rift Netflix app on Oculus UserVoice.


If Oculus Dash doesn't work for you, please let us know. We will continue to troubleshoot. We hope to hear back from you soon! Happy gaming, and see you in VR!

Level 2

You can use firefox to watch netflix through the desktop viewer. I prefer going through steam vr. Oculus you are stuck with those insanity creating chimes in the background that I have found no way to silence.