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Meta Quest build v67 release notes

These features and enhancements are becoming available starting this week of July 8, 2024 and are pushed to Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets. Please note that you can find the mo...


PTC v67 Release Thread

Thanks everyone for all your feedback on our previous builds, several bugs were identified in PTC v66 and the solutions for some have shipped, while others are on the way!The Public Test Channel (PTC)...


Meta Quest build v66 release notes

These features and enhancements have already become available starting the week of June 3, 2024 and were pushed to Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets. Please note that you can find...


Meta Community AMA: June 2024!

It’s June 10th and we’re giving a start to another monthly AMA this week! This time around will be a general product questions one. Get questions ready that you’d like to get answered from our Meta Qu...


Community Activity

Meta quest 3 no ui

I recently had to factory reset because my device wouldn't load when adding a new account for one of my kids. After the reset, I was able to add my account, and both of my son's accounts, but one of their profiles will not load the ux at all. It rema...

Will not start

It keeps saying this then restarts and this keeps showing, can someone help me bc it’s not allowing me to play

IMG_7015.jpeg IMG_7018.jpeg

I wanna change my E-mail

Hé, je veux parler d’un problème. J’ai été hacké hier sur instagram et j’ai réussi à récupérer mon profil mais j’ai vu que mon e-mail sur Meta était changé et quand je ne sais pas comment je peux le changer. Je peux changer mon E-mail sur instagram m...

Resolved! Steam link crashes in the middle of gameplay

I has recently gotten a quest 3. When I got it I started to use steam link. Everything worked fine until two hours ago. I recently stopped playing vtol vr and when I went to load it again, steam link crashed the moment it connected. After the crash t...

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