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Meta Community AMA: June 2024!

It’s June 10th and we’re giving a start to another monthly AMA this week! This time around will be a general product questions one. Get questions ready that you’d like to get answered from our Meta Qu...


A Meta Quest Forum Week in Review: June 5, 2024

Summer is officially here and things are heating up especially here in the forums! This post is here to celebrate all the great things that have been happening around these parts and give thanks to YO...


Community Activity

Verification email

My nephew recently bought an oculus quest 2 im trying to help him set up his account so we entered his email address but its been two days and still haven’t received verification email! I double checked the email its the same and everything, is it su...

Meta PC software can't reach Meta Quest Link services.

as you can see in my screenshot somethings not right. ive searched the internet but i found nothing, i use windows and this error came when i installed the software and it went through a scan to verify everythings alright.I also tried the "repair" bu...


Quest 2 Controller error

Quest 2 controllers have 'teackung lost' error code. We cleaned camera, took batteries out for over 30 seconds, and went ahead and changed our the batti. What else do we need to try?

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