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Resolved! Beat saber free?

I just brought my oculus quest 2 yesterday, how do i get beat saber for free?

Quest 2 unresponsive

I went on a holiday for 3 weeks and when I got back my Quest 2 was unresponsive to anything I charged it to see if that would work but it didn’t, I tried to do a hard reset and factory reset but nothing happens and when I tried to do a reset on the m...

Using rift cv1 controllers with the quest 2

i was wondering if it was possible to use the oculus rift cv1 controllers with the quest 2 using pc vr, i play a lot of echo vr through virtual desktop, and it uses the oculus app, which, from my understanding, pairs your headset and then lets you us...

Walkabout Mini Golf Tournament - With Prizes!

Hello all forum members. You are invited to take part in a Walkabout Mini Golf competition where you can have some fun, get to know some of the other forum users and have the chance of winning a prize. If you would like to take part please just say s...

Tracking on my quest 2 doesn't work

So I was playing a game Roanoke and all the sudden my tracking stopped working and my headset rebooted upon it coming back up there was like this computer chip looking thing with an arrow going up or down I can't recall and then all the sudden I gree...

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