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A Meta Quest Forum Week in Review: May 15, 2024

Happy week everyone! This is another chance to celebrate our awesome community and gosh darnit we're taking it. Thanks to YOU we've been having awesome discussions all around these parts during this p...


PTC v66 Release Thread

Thanks everyone for all your feedback on our previous builds, several bugs were identified in PTC v65 and the solutions for some have shipped, while others are on the way!The Public Test Channel (PTC)...


A Meta Quest Forum Week in Review: May 8, 2024

Did everyone have a good week? Well we sure did here on these forums, thanks to YOU! Big ups to our awesome community members. We've been having great discussions and so much more during the week. Thi...


Meta Community AMA: May 2024 Kickoff!

Alright Meta Community, it is May 6th and time to kick off our first ever AMA! We are blasting off this series of events with our Link Team. Ask your questions to our Product Managers, Engineers and D...


Community Activity

Quest3 Controller tracking instability issue

I am a foreigner and my English is not very fluent, so please don't mind my grammar and word usage mistakes.I'm using Quest3, and my controller tracking is very poor, and it will drift from time to time. After testing, I learned that this may be beca...

sriech by Guest
  • 1 replies
  • 0 kudos

Resolved! Quest 3 lost all tracking

Brand new quest 3 just arrived, configured an everything was doing pretty well. Was just logging into a game when all tracking just stopped working, a window saying "Tracking lost" showed up, but I couldn't click anything since the controllers stoppe...

BlckBrry1 by Honored Guest
  • 63 replies
  • 4 kudos

Resolved! I was banned on Gorilla Tag

My kid got indefinitely banned from gorilla tag because someone thought she cheated with a mod or hack. Believe me when I say this isn’t true she wouldn’t have the 1st idea how to do this. Can someone help me get the account unbanned?

saoddopmn by Honored Guest
  • 162 replies
  • 12 kudos

Resolved! Oculus Go: Failed Entitlement Check

As the title says. Recently I get this message, "Failed Entitlement Check" when I launch the app Virtual Desktop Streamer. I have owned the app for years. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App Factory reset the The Oculus Even Launched the ap...

RobbyC57D by Honored Guest
  • 41 replies
  • 4 kudos
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